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WWDC 2014 Predictions

WWDC is a conference for developers, and as such it’s mostly about software, not hardware. With that in mind, here are my predictions & fantasies for what iOS 8 and OSX 10.10 will bring.

I believe the “tentpole” feautres will be centered around 3 key concepts:

  1. Consistency (of Aesthetics and Experience)
  2. Presence (via iBeacons, sensors, cameras)
  3. Interconnectedness (via iCloud and inter-app communication)

Unlike in previous years, this time I’m pitching you every idea I have, not just the ones I think are likely.

OSX 10.10

iOS 8




It’s the night before WWDC and 9to5mac is now saying that the iPad might be updated to act as a display for the Mac. That’d be “neat”, but there are already lots of 3rd party apps that enable that, so I thought: what could Apple do to take that to the next level? Then I remembered a podcast I listened to last week (Rev VR) where they said that the Oculus Rift is great because it’s both an output device (display) AND and input device (6-DOF sensors). Of course! Making the iPad a display for the Mac is no big deal, but if it could also be a touch input device, that could be huge… AND it has precedent: Microsoft’s “Smart Glass” concept for using iPad with xBox. It makes total sense to extend that to Macs. What kinds of interactions could it offer? Well, for one thing, it’d be a great “console” for GarageBand, with touchable on-screen sliders. It could be handy for picking tools in Photoshop. Who knows what other possible applications there could be? BONUS: Mac sales and iPad sales would reinforce one another. Each would make the other more powerful, instead of each stealing sales from the other. It makes the power of Apple’s products additive, instead of competitive, and that’s a strategy they always like.

Update 2

I just had a brainstorm. If you CAN use an iPad as a Mac display, then the new rumoured 12” Retina MacBook Air and the 12” iPad could be the same device: A MacBook Air with detachable iPad display. Detach it, and it’s an iPad running iOS. Attach it and it’s a retina display for your MacBook. That would absolutely kill Microsoft’s Surface strategy. Not only that, but Apple could charge a bit of a premium for it. The tricky part would be making the interconnect between the iPad and the MacBook fast enough to support non-laggy scrolling and other high-bandwidth graphics stuff.