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How the Siri API Could Work

  1. Change iOS to allow you to set default apps for certain use cases
  2. Apple creates full sets of Siri APIs for each use case (for example: a set of APIs for managing ToDo lists)
  3. Apple makes all of its own apps implement those APIs. By default, Siri will use the Apple app for any task.
  4. You can write an app that implements the entire API.
  5. Users can choose to set your app as the default for that use case instead of Apple’s app (e.g. use Omnifocus for ToDo, instead of Reminders)

In other words, you won’t be able to make your own commands. You’ll only be able to do what Apple has already created APIs for. This keeps Apple in control of Siri, and affords them the maximum ability to tweak and change things as they go along.

Potential API use cases Apple would need to implement: todo, calendaring, music, video, phone, email, instant messaging, video calling, timers, photos/cameras, health.