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Hello Again

I would like to see the MacBook Air line go away, and be replaced by just the MacBook line (13”), and the MacBook Pro line (13” & 15”).

Potential “One more thing”: external 27” Retina display with wide colour gamut and TrueTone, with AirPlay receiver built-in.

Wild cards: new Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac. Detachable keyboard. 3D Touch support, e-ink keyboard.

I think this is coming sometime, but I have no evidence to support it: Siri switch replacements with built-in proximity sensors, iBeacons, and microphones. They replace a light switch, are electricity powered, always on, and always listening. They make Siri omnipresent and reactive.

Comments from my old blog:

(Derek)[] said: Well, looks like I scored about 4 out of 20 on that one: - Touch ID - OLED Magic Toolbar - Much beefier speakers - USB-C & Thunderbolt 3 at 2016-10-27 19:29:33