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Fast5 Day8

Today is my 40th birthday. On this day, every year for the past… ohhh, 30 years, I have said to myself “By this time next year I want to be skinny”. I have yet to achieve that… but this year I have real hope of being able to do it!

It’s Day 8 of my Fast5 lifestyle, and I’m still going strong. My hunger and cravings really went away on day 5. It has been much easier since then. I am very alert all day. No cognitive fog at all, and no crash mid-afternoon. I have more time in the morning to help get Claire fed and ready for the day. I have more time at noon to do whatever I want. I hope to start walking during that time. Not to lose weight, but just to get outside.

The only exceptions I’m making to the diet are: 1) If it’s a family holiday or special event, I can eat on a regular schedule. 2) I can go out for breakfast once on the weekend.

I believe that being able to do those things guilt-free, because they were rules I pre-established, will be key to maintaining this lifestyle for the long run.

I have also tried to start incorporating a special drink into my diet. Once a day, 750ml of water containing 4 tsp of apple cider vinegar (with the mother), and 2 tsp of lemon juice. It tastes a bit vinegary, but if you look it up you’ll see that it has many healthy effects.

Bonus: the swelling in my leg & ankle is down to almost nothing, for the first time since I broke it in 2004. I mean, there have been other times, but the cause of the decrease wasn’t known, and the effect wasn’t sustained.

By this time next year I want to weigh less than what I weighed almost 10 years ago when I met Ula, and even a bit less than what I weighed 17 years ago in university :)

Did I mention that I can’t get a kidney transplant until I lose 100lbs? Yeah. So… in addition to wanting to lose weight to be able to play with Claire, there is some extra life-saving motivation.