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Playstation VR

Ula got me the PSRV for my 40th birthday. I played with it for a couple of hours last night, and it was fucking amazing.

While it might not be as clear & crisp as the Vive or Oculus CV1, it is WAY more clear & crisp than the Oculus DK1 that I had, and the tracking is far superior.

I was honestly blown away.

The PSVR comes with 2 discs. One contains “VR Worlds”, a collection of 5 experiences built specifically to demonstrate the abilities of the PSVR, and the other contains 9 demo versions of PSVR games that are available for purchase. When you install the PSVR (which has many, many wires and dongles), a free download also appears on your PS4, called “Playgrounds”. I haven’t tried that yet.

Anyway, when you start “VR Worlds”, you are in something like a Roman or Greek temple. There are the titles of games surrounding you. There’s a DualShock4 controller floating in mid-air in front of you. When you move the one in your real hands, the one in mid-air moves in exact correspondence. There’s also an orb, floating in front of the controller. You can bump it with the controller, and the orb reacts, and the controller rumbles. It’s great. The appearance of the orb changes depending on which game you have selected. I played as many of them as I could last night.

** Danger Ball

I haven’t tried this one yet. Looking forward to it tonight.

** Ocean Descent - Shark Encounter

This was the first one I tried, and MAN, was that ever a great experience. It was probably the perfect “first experience”. You are being lowered down into the depts of the ocean inside a shark cage. You get to see lots of marine life swimming around you, while a sense of tension is building. I could feel my heartbeat picking up the pace. When he shark did finally attack, yes, I actually jumped in my chair.

** The London Heist

You plan a diamond heist in a smokey bar. You steal the diamond. You shoot your way out of the place. You escape. You rip off your friends. They catch you and torture you. It’s amazing. In the smokey bar, you can get right up in the guy’s face and look at his wrinkles. You can light your cigar and smoke it, and it feels totally natural. I actually found myself exhaling in real life. You answer a cell phone call by putting it up to your ear. You shoot a guy by holding the controller like a gun, aiming it like a gun, and pulling the trigger. One time I didn’t stand up because I thought I couldn’t because a piece of (virtual) metal was in my way.

** VR Luge

Tilt your head, and the luge turns in that direction. Very simple. Kinda fun. Boring after 5 minutes.

** Scavengers Odyssey

Pilot a mech around inside a ship, and jumping from asteroid to asteroid. Pretty fun, but induced a little motion-sickness.

I felt a little weird after playing for 90 minutes. Hot. My eyes and brain? felt a little weird. Falling asleep was difficult. I don’t know what to call this feeling. VR-hangover? Hopefully I just become accustomed to it over time, and the feeling subsides.